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Great service, great people, great results! I would most certainly recommend this dental practice.

They are great to visit with. They are urgent with every matter and always very professional with what they do. It’s a very happy environment.


The staff and doctors at Stafford Family Dental are outstanding. They are dedicated, caring, & competent professionals.


I couldn’t be happier with Stafford Family Dental Care! They include me when coming up with a treatment plan. Dr. Hicks is so amazing with my kids. I’ll always be a SFDC patient.


Super thrilled with Stafford Family Dental. They work with us on appointments and coordinating the whole family (5 dental needs). Caring, efficient, and convenient. Great staff and they make full use of technology to integrate into today’s lives.


The office staff is very professional at all times. Dr. Hicks and her dental staff are excellent. I have lots of anxiety when it comes to dental work and this office is excellent. Their patience and practices are client centered and you always feel welcomed and valued. This is the best dental office I have ever chosen and have no plans of leaving. Great staff!


Before I started going to Dr. Hicks I was terrified of the dentist. I even had them write on my chart that I may need nitrous to calm my anxiety. However, I have never once had any pain or anxiety while seeing her. In fact, I looked forward to going to get my teeth worked on (I had several appointments in a row) because everyone was so pleasant and funny. Even if I left the area I would drive to see this dentist! Amazing.


I had a great dentist then he retired and his son went back to school and we didn’t care for the new one. This place is on my way to and from work. I called and they took my insurance and got me in same day. It is a nice well lit comfortable waiting room with a plesent and very respectful receptionist. They took me back and they talked to me like a person. Made me feel right at home. They asked many questions as this was my first time. Then Racheal asked if I had a gag reflex, I said yeah so she said OK we will do your x-rays a little different and made it so comfortable for me. She is just amazing. She is through and does an excellent job all the while making you feel right at home. The staff is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about their profession. If you live in Stafford this is where you want to go to the dentist.